Becky (beckerton) wrote in wrestler_claims,


You know when you scroll down, how it says the wrestlers name and then who claimed them... Since I claimed John Cena, under "J" how can I write John Cena and my user name next to it? For example, "R" Randy Orton- ortons_babygirl... It says she claimed him, I want to do the same thing with John Cena though! If anyone can help me, please do.
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If your not a moderator(I'm not quit shur how many peeps are) THen you can't do it, only they could. So pretty much just post a message and the moderators will do it.

But, if you are a moderator, just ignore this post and carry on your merry way. Lol :)
Very sorry about the wait, hun.
I just added your claim to the list. = )
Thanks for adding the claim... It's ok, I don't mind about it taking a long time... I just thought when people claimed something they were the ones that had to add it to the list... But thanks a lot for adding the claim!